Political quality

Why choose us ?


Our ambition is to make excellence a natural component of our company LASER OUHOUD PROFIL, anxious to satisfy our customers and to move towards a leading position in laser cutting, oxycutting and plasma cutting, bending and welding, we are part of a quality approach according to the international standard ISO9001 Version 2015, which will allow us to capitalize well on our know-how and a recognized organization that complies with international standards.

  • Perfect mastery of our business based on compliance with national and international standards
  • A close-knit and competent team, able to meet the requirements and expectations of customers and interested parties.
  • A perfect listening to the customers, which leads us to attract the customer towards the control of the quality and the speed of execution in the trades of laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxycutting, bending and welding.

Honesty: Require honest conduct and integrity in relations with our customers, our suppliers and all our partners and between employees.
Continuous improvement: Aim for excellence by continuously improving our skills and know-how in the field.
Reactivity: Respect our commitment to deadlines both externally and internally.
Expertise: Act only in technical areas that we master and develop our knowledge and expertise in the areas that we wish to integrate, before offering them to our customers.
Customer satisfaction: Is the mirror of our competence, it is to win our customers beyond their expectations and to win our company beyond our objectives.


1- Satisfy and retain our customers by providing them with quality products with excellent responsiveness and respect of deadlines.
2- Develop collective awareness and support it through communication, the sharing of common values and continuous training.
3- Continuously improve the performance of our processes while optimizing our resources and eliminating the associated risks.
To better monitor these areas, measurable objectives are set for each process and are reviewed regularly, particularly during management reviews.
The general management relies on the entire LASER OUHOUD PROFIL team for the proper implementation of the quality management system and undertakes to provide the human and material resources necessary to achieve the objectives, their improvements, and the compliance with the regulations in force.

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